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IABG in charge of fatigue testing of the Bombardier CSeries

Bombardier's CSeries - Picture © cseries.com
Bombardier's CSeries - Picture © cseries.com

In July 2011 the Bavarian company IABG, headquartered in Ottobrunn, was mandated by Bombardier Aerospace to manage the fatigue tests of the Bombardier CSeries with focus on material resistance within the fuselage metal structures. IABG's decades of experience in such big scale testing processes were decisive for the final award of contract.

Iabg-logoIABG runs these tests in one of their testing facilities in Germany. It involves tests on the entire fuselage and wings, which are delivered directly by various sub-component manufacturers of the CSeries program. The tests will validate the resistance and damage tolerance of the materials and are an essential component of the official certification of the CSeries. Over 100 hydraulic cylinders check the mechanical load resistance and a pneumatic system helps simulate the cabin's internal pressure.

IABG runs these tests day and night in a three-shift system, including the constant inspection of the airplane structure, simulating the typical stress and inspection intervals of an operative airplane.

Source: www.openpr.de
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