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German secure technology firm Cassidian expands Gatineau office

Cassidian Communications, owned by EADS, the world’s largest aerospace and defence company, operates offices in Gatineau (Québec) focusing on research and development, testing and support services for the company’s 911 call-taking equipment and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) divisions. The LMR division supplies secure communication systems to police, firefighters and other emergency responders who can’t rely on normal networks.

In Fall 2013, Cassidian announced it will boost its Canadian work force by 50 people by 2016. That will bring the total number of employees at its new 53,000-square-foot office in the Gatineau technology park to about 200.

"By expanding our operations we are able to offer the highest level of support and service to our North American customers and public safety organizations," CEO Bob Freinberg said in a statement.

Cassidian Communications’ major clients include the RCMP and the City of Montreal, and the company serves customers as far as away as New Zealand. The Gatineau facility was already a major research centre for the firm’s 911 technology. (…)

Source & more info:www.obj.ca