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Cultural Cooperation of Bavaria and Quebec: “Jeunes Ambassadeurs lyriques”

Bavaria Quebec: Cooperation in the art of opera singing

The international program „Jeunes Ambassadeurs lyriques“ was created by “Theatre Lyrichorégra” in 1994 in order to support young international opera talents, giving them the opportunity to obtain an engagement abroad and thus to gain some valuable stage experiences.. Bavaria is home to a considerable number of opera houses and theaters: The Bavarian Staatsoper in Munich, the Staatsoper Nuremberg, the Theatre of Augsburg, the Staatstheater Wurztburg, the Gärtnerplatz Theatre in Munich and many others offer numerous musical productions every year.

The State of Bavaria Office in Quebec has been a steady partner in this program since 2006, which has made the “Jeunes Ambassadeurs lyriques” a pillar of the cultural exchange between Bavaria and Quebec. The Bavarian Chancellery sponsors the trips of Bavarian opera directors to Quebec where they can listen to young international talents, and sometimes propose them an engagement in their opera. Reciprocally, the Ministère des Relations internationales du Québec awards a yearly “Quebec-Bavaria grant” to a young singer, which finances their trip to Bavaria, enabling them to get in touch with opera directors and to eventually obtain an engagement there.

Several successes were born out of this cooperation: Audrey Larose-Zicat was hired at the Staatstheater Nuremberg in 2008 and has had a thriving career in Germany since then. Marie-Josée Lord, a worldwide known soprano and former prize winner of the “Jeunes Ambassadeurs”, was invited to Wurzburg in 2013 in order to sing the main role of Verdis La Traviata.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the “Jeunes Ambassadeurs lyriques ” and the 25th jubilee of the Bavarian-Quebec cooperation, the artistic director of the exchange program, Mr. Alain Nonat, has concluded a agreement of principle with several prestigious theatres  designed to give young talents the opportunity to present themselves at the operas and to take part in the cast’s everyday work life The result may be obtaining a role. In Bavaria, the Junges Ensemble of the Munich Staatsoper, the Staatstheater Nuremberg, the MainFranken Theater Wurztburg, the Theater Augsburg and the Theater Regensburg are taking part in the exchange program.

The concert series of the “Jeunes Ambassadeurs lyriques”, already an institution, annually takes place in November each year and highlights the importance of culture in the Bavaria - Quebec cooperation.