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Pfaff-Silberblau Verkehrstechnik from Kissing Bavaria, maintains the new trains of Canadas biggest subway-network in Montreal

Pfaff-Silberblau's train lifting technology (here France's TGV) - picture www.pfaff-silberblau.com

For the maintenance of its latest rail vehicles, the “Société de Transport de Montréal” (STM) has chosen heavy-duty lifting jacks from Pfaff-Silberblau Verkehrstechnik of Kissing, a suburb of Augsburg in Bavaria. In May 2014, a jacking system from the German railway technology specialist was installed at the STM Youville depot in Montreal.

The jacking system is 160m long and lifts up a complete train with nine carriages and a total weight of up to 306 tons by 1.7m – and what's more, synchronously with a maximum deviation of just +/- 3mm over the entire length of the train. In the tendering phase for this prestigious project, Pfaff-Silberblau staved off rival bids and obtained the contract.

With some 900,000 passenger trips each day, the metro in Montreal is Canada’s most widely used underground. For its new 468 MPM-10 cars, which consist of 9 coupled carriages and run on quiet, low-vibration rubber tires as opposed to steel wheels, it was necessary to upgrade the "Dépôt Youville" with the latest lifting technology. To satisfy the stringent rail traffic safety requirements, the bogies of these modern rail vehicles have to be maintained and replaced at regular intervals.

The awarding of the contract took already place in 2011. Following the factory acceptance test by STM and the production of a prototype, Pfaff-Silberblau shipped the system to North America in 18 containers with a total weight of 280 tons. By late 2013, the team of engineers from Kissing was ready to commence the installation in Dépôt Youville under the strict scrutiny of the Canadian health and safety regulations. True to form, the installation ran smoothly, such that Pfaff-Silberblau Verkehrstechnik was able to hand over the jacking system to the Société de Transport de Montréal and commission it on schedule.

Source: www.presseagentur.com
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