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“The Girl King” – an international coproduction with Bavarian and Quebec content

source www.ioncinema.com

The title already gives a hint to the contradictory character who was Queen Kristina of Sweden. “The Girl King” was educated as a boy, learned how to hunt and to fence. Etiquette, feminine outfits or traditions and political conventions were no things she could live up to. As an outstanding character, torn between reason and passion, ancient and new worlds, and despite her sharp mind submerged by unknown feelings, she became one of world history’s most important figures, the one who is said to have brought the 30-Year-War to an end.

All of this will be displayed in the film “The Girl King”, by Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki, which is set to hit theaters in December 2015 in Germany, October 2015 in the US. The border-crossing coproduction also startles by its many international rising stars – Malin Buska and Michael Nyqvist from Sweden, Sarah Gordon from Canada, Laura Birn from Finland and Martina Gedeck from Germany. And not only is the cast international, but also the production crew, as the film is a Finn-Bavarian-Canadian-Swedish coproduction.

Producer Ms. Wasiliki Bleser, from Starhaus Produktion in Munich, sees this trans-border teamwork both as the future of motion pictures, but also as a successful cooperative source of financing, which is increasingly hard to get on a national level. With such tremendous international mixes, one "has to unify all these various standards, these different mentalities, these precious experiences, demands, talents and know-hows into one common vision", which makes for a staggering amount of daily challenges. Not only are "clear and precise communications throughout all project phases", but also confidence among the team members - especially towards the director - of essential importance. "Queen Kristina's very own message helped us stay grounded and not lose our heads in many of the stormy times we had," she adds

For “The Girl King”, she particularly praises the long-time cooperation uniting FFF Bayern (FilmFernsehFonds Bayern) and SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles) in Québec. The Bavarian input to the making of “The Girl King” was set in stone on the occasion of the 2013 “Festival du Cinéma québécois” in Paris, where Bavaria was the invited region to underline the 10th anniversary of the FFF-SODEC cooperation.

But the Bavarian and Canadian participation in the project goes beyond financing: Bavaria is shown on-screen in several key scenes that were shot in Bavaria with the help of FFF Bayern, while most of the plot was filmed in the Finnish castle of Turku. Cutting editors were those of the internationally renowned Cuttem Hans Funck and Alex Berner.  Aside from the screenplay author, no less than Quebec star playwright Michel Marc Bouchard, other Quebecers had a major role to play in the post-production, as the sound edition was carried out by Technicolor and Galafilm in Montreal, as well as Triptych Media in Toronto.

“The Girl King” (watch the trailer here) starts in October 2015 in US theaters, and December 2015 in Germany.

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