Did you know that...

BMW Welt

As of spring 2010, 5 million visitors have toured the BMW Welt since its inauguration in October 2007. This amounts to 2 million visitors yearly on average, which makes the facility Bavaria's top tourist attraction.

As a comparison, the Deutsches Museum in Munich attracts 1.37 millions, and Neuschwanstein, Bavaria's best known castle which was built by Ludwig II, counts "only" 1.3 millions.

BMW Welt offers in one single location a delivery center as well an event and museum center. Thought out for clients wanting to get their car directly from the "heart" of the industry, as well as for tourists with a view on learning more about the group's history in the nearby BMW Museum, the futuristic building was opened in 2007 and has its own 800 kW strong solar system on the roof.

Visit the BMW Welt (video, approx. 4 minutes)