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Puppet chest « Augsburger Puppenkiste »

Puppet chest
Puppet chest

In 1940, the soldier Walter Oehmichen discovers a small marionette theater at a school where he stayed. He started entertaining his fellow soldiers by playing with the puppets and from there on dreamed of founding his own puppet theater. He wanted it to be easily transportable, so that he could play anytime and anywhere he wanted. Therefore, he created the Puppet chest « Augsburger Puppenkiste » in a wooden transport box.

February 26th, 1948 was the day of the first public performance of the Puppenkiste, where Oehmichen played the famous fairy-tale “Puss in Boots” (Der gestiefelte Kater). Over the following years, more and more characters were created, which conferred the Puppenkiste its charm. The “Kasperl”, “the Mumin family”, “Jim Knopf and Lukas”, the “Urmel”, “Bill Bo” as well as “Sams” are only a few of the famous characters from the Augsburger Puppenkiste. It also gained nation-wide prominence with its numerous TV productions.

More (in German) : www.augsburger-puppenkiste.de