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Beer and Weißwurst

Beer and Weißwurst

„The Bavarians are bawdy but laid back people, who would never want to get into any fight. But take away their beer and you will get them to revolt like savages.”

That’s how a Parisian newspaper tried to describe to their readers the importance of beer as a food in Bavaria. Its quality is of the highest importance and one of the oldest food policies in the world, decreed in 1516 by the duke of Bavaria.

The Weißwurst (literally 'white sausage') is a very popular snack in Munich. It has to be served in a terrine, because a lukewarm Weißwurst is not as tasty as a hot one. According to the tradition, it is eaten before twelve O’clock. Generally, pretzel, sweet mustard and white beer are served as side dishes. Each year, approximately 40 butchers are tested to determine the best Munich Weißwurst producer (1:20 video, in German).