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BMW - which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke - was founded in 1917. It originates in the reunion of several companies, one of which being the aircraft engine manufacturing company "Bayerische Flugzeugwerke". This is often said to show in the logo resembling an aircraft propeller.

Yet considering the historical background and the available sources, the logo's resemblance with an aircraft propeller is a myth or, at best, a marketing-inspired trait that came up later - as a matter of fact, at the end of WWI when BMW was created, the Versailles peace treaty refused Germany the right to build airplanes. A more plausible interpretation of the logo is therefore the hint to the Bavarian flag colors.

The company is headquartered in Munich where it had the BMW Welt built in 2007, a unique customer service center combined with a conference and event forum, powered partly by a 800 KW solar plant on its roof.

Source, learn more:
PDF document on the logo's origin (in German)