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Franconian Wine

Send me another Würzburg wine, because no other tastes as fine.”

Among the most enthusiastic amateurs of Franconian wines was Goethe, who wrote those words to his wife and raved about his favourite wine from Franconia. In the North-West of Bavaria, Franconia is one of the great German wine making regions.

The Würzburger Stein is one of the most renowned vineyards of the district of Franconia. The bottle it is usually sold in has a specific form, called "Bocksbeutel", a somewhat flattened ellispoid which contains exactly the same volume of wine as other bottles, i.e. 0.75 Liters. It is said to derive from ancient peasant habits: on the one hand, a flattened bottle was easier to carry around, and on the other hand, once put down, it wasn't as eager to roll around in the fields...

The growing of wine influenced the lifestyle of the people living in the area. Unlike many other German wine regions, a large amount of Franconian wine is drunk in the area where it is produced. Nearly every town has its own wine celebration at least once a year.

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