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Dragon of Furth

The Dragon in Furth im Wald - picture www.bayerischer-wald-ganz-oben.de

This if one of the world's biggest robots, fitted with the latest electronic technology and surrounded by amazing special effects. The Dragon is at the heart of a more than 500 year-old tradition in Furth im Wald, close to the Bavarian-Czech border, where every year in August, the Dragon is being slain in remembrance of St George's sacrifice. The "Fürther Drachenstich" festival is mentioned in 1590 as an already old tradition - which makes this festival one of Germany's most ancient.

In 2010, it was time to build a new Dragon. Under coordination of Zollner Elektronik AG, more than 20 companies and institutes – from special effects specialists from Hollywood to high-tech mecatronic and steel work companies, not to mention AUDI and the DLR (German Center for Aeronautics) – have put their efforts together to build the high-tech monster.

The world's biggest, 4-legged walking robot entered the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2014:  it is 50.8 ft long, 12.5 ft wide, 14.8 ft high, spans its wings over more than 39 ft and weighs more than 24,000 lbs.

More at www.drachenstich.de