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Ludwig II the eccentric

Ludwig II, by Ferdinand von Piloty (1865) - picture wikipedia
Ludwig II, by Ferdinand von Piloty (1865) - picture wikipedia

There is probably no other king who erected more monuments in Bavaria than Ludwig II. Crowned on March 10th 1864 but hating policital intrigues, he was unable to cope with his new role.

As an admirer of Louis XIV, France's „Sun King“, he wanted to have his own Versailles. Therefore buying the island „Herreninsel“ on Chiem lake, he had an exact copy of the French castle constructed there. At the same time, the construction of Neuschwanstein castle goes on – but both structures will remain unfinished. Accumulating debts as well as the king's hallucinations, his tantrums and his fear of people will have his doctors – among them Dr. von Gudden – declare him irresponsible on the orders of his uncle, prince Luitpold.

On June 13th 1866, Ludwig II and Dr. von Gudden died in lake Starnberg under unexplained circumstances.

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