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Dirk Nowitzki, NBA's prodigy

Dirk Nowitzki - picture NBA
Dirk Nowitzki - picture NBA

Dirk Novitzki is Germany’s best known basketball player: born on June 19, 1978 in Wurtzburg, Franconia, into a high level sports family, he started playing basketball at 13. Just 7 years later he was offered his first contract with an NBA team, and has played with the Dallas Mavericks for several years.

During the 2006-07 season he was the first European basketball player ever to earn the NBA’s Most Valuable Player title. Yet it was 2011 that undoubtedly brought his biggest success, as he was the first German basketball player ever to win the NBA trophy with his team. Dallas Mavericks LogoOn top of this, he was awarded the NBA Finals MVP Award for the final series. In April 2014, he entered the top 10 of NBA's all-time scoring list.

In international basketball, Nowitzki, 6’9” tall, is considered one of the most remarkable European players of all times.

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