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Dirndl and Lederhose, the traditional Bavarian suits

Dirndl and Lederhose
© Rolf Hicker, www.hicker.de

For men, the traditional Bavarian costume consists of a raw leather, knee-length Lederhose usually held up by suspenders, a Tyrolean Jacket of boiled wool straight-cut at hips-length, a traditional hat (Steyrer Hut or Tegernseer Hut), as well as side-lace shoes.

Women wear a Dirndl, a dress with a tight bodice and a wide skirt worn over a blouse and covered by an apron. Depending on the region of origin, the colors or embroideries will look different. Also, depending on the marital status, the girl will knot her apron in a specific way.

Weren't it for the 800 societies for traditional costumes which still use traditional clothing as their uniforms to preserve this part of Bavarian culture, there would probably not be any Lederhose or Dirndl anymore. People stopped wearing traditional garments during the 19th century... at a time when an Upper Franconian, Levi Strauss, after emigrating in California, invented the most iconic vestment of our time – the jean's.

Fun fact about the Lederhose: Oskar Maria Graf, an emigrated author who lived in New York, was always homesick for Bavaria. Therefore he consistently wore his Lederhose in Manhattan, until he died in 1967.

Picture: © Rolf Hicker, www.hicker.de

Source: Mathias Vogt, 'Kultbuch Bayern',
Kometen Verlag GmbH, Cologne