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The Baroque church Wieskirche, Unesco World Heritage Site

Altar of the baroque church Wieskirche
The rococo choir in the Wieskirche (right-click to enlarge)

No other architectural style has shaped Bavaria more than the Baroque movement – and its playful version, the Rococo – has. Numerous monasteries and pilgrimage churches have been rebuilt during this era. Among those is the “Wies”, a pilgrimage church that started construction in 1745 near Steingaden.

Inside the church, believers and tourists will find the statue of the Scourged Christ which miraculously shed tears in 1738 and thereby gave rise to an influx of pilgrims who still visit the church today.

The architect of the Wieskirche, Dominikus Zimmermann (1685-1766), became famous thanks to his beautiful edifice which was proclaimed UNESCO world heritage site in 1983.

Source, read more: www.wieskirche.de
Mathias Vogt, 'Kultbuch Bayern',
Komet Verlag GmbH, Köln

Wieskirche - (c) Panoramio
The Wieskirche from outside, Picture: panoramio.com