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Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena - © allianz-arena.de
Allianz Arena - © allianz-arena.de

In the season of 2005/2006 the Allianz Arena became the home stadium of both of Munich soccer teams: The FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich. Furthermore the Allianz Arena was the venue of the soccer World Championship in 2006. In 2012 it hosts the UEFA Champions League final. The stadium provides room for 69,901 sitting and standing spectators.

Due to its shape, the Allianz Arena is often called rubber boat, car tire or airbag. The facade consists of 2760 “pillows”. The illumination of each of those pillows can be done individually in different levels of brightness either in red, blue or white. The stadium is earmarked to be lightened in the colours of the playing home team, white being used for international matches. For the UEFA Champions League final 2012 the pillows will shine for the first time in green.

Initially the colour of the stadium changed steadily, which lead – according to the police – to a daily average of 10 more accidents. Therefore colour combinations such as red-blue are no longer allowed upon dusk – only unicoloured changes every half hour are now permitted.

Despite lightening costs of only 50 € per hour, the Allianz Arena can achieve such a high luminance that during clear nights it will be seen from the Austrian mountain peaks, which are more than 75 kilometers away.

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