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The "Kocherlball" - Dancing Bavaria, for early birds and sleepless nights lovers

Kocherlball München 2012 - © Muenchen.de | Immanuel Rahm
Kocherlball München 2012 - © Muenchen.de | Immanuel Rahm

The « Kocherlball », which one could translate with « servants' ball », takes place every year in July at the Chinese Tower in Munich's English Garden. What was formerly the dance gathering of servants and cooks progressively turned into a hype-event for all dance-lovers in the city.

In the 19th century (around 1880), on sunny Summer Sundays, the 5,000 servants living in the city of Munich (cooks, messengers, nannies, manservants, etc.) had taken the habit of gathering under the Chinese Tower, at dawn – to dance. They could go there but at that time, given that they had to work as soon as the masters got out of bed. In 1904, the authorities forbade this informal event for « lack of morality ».

As part of the bicentennial anniversary of the English Garden in 1989, the « Kocherlball » was reinstituted. Since then, it takes place on the 3rd Sunday of July each year – one week later in case of rain. Starting at 6 a.m., people dance – preferably dressed in  traditional garment, but some of them show up in old-fashioned suits.

On the program are several Bavarian folk dances, with a short introduction for each of them, so that everyone, even Beotians, can enjoy themselves. On that morning, up to 15,000 people gather on the dance square, and the closest tables on the Biergarten are reserved months in advance. Some dance lovers even gather there the previous evening and dance through all night!

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