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Oktoberfest atmosphere at Lufthansa!

The Lufthansa Trachten Crew, 2012 edition
The Lufthansa Trachten Crew, 2012 edition - right-click to enlarge picture (Lufthansa/Robert Schadt, source zeit.de)

Each year during the Oktoberfest, a Lufthansa cabin crew departing from Munich wears the traditional Bavarian costume. The so-called "Lufthansa Trachten-Crew" is a strong tradition the airline maintains and has become extremely popular with passengers.

Twelve stewardesses and two stewards, handpicked – after they applied to the role – wear the local Bavarian colours on flights from Munich to Chicago, Washington and Tokyo. Also, the Munich airport Lufthansa employees are allowed to come to work dressed in their own Dirndl or Lederhosen.

Lufthansa has been following this tradition for over 50 years. After pausing for several years, the airline brought it back to life on popular demand.

Source: www.air-journal.fr