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Das Food Truck: Bavarian style poutine!

Das Food Truck (c) State of Bavaria Quebec Office | Geneviève Dodin

“DAS Food Truck” is a food truck project that was launched to fit the City of Montreal street food trucks project in 2013. Created by Stefan Jacob and Annie Clavette, the truck is very recognizable with its distinctive Bavarian mark, the white-blue lozenges flag.

"Just like so many other Germans here, we were missing the typical "German restaurant", Annie explains. There have been several over the years throughout the town, but none of them existed for a very long time. So with Stefan, we decided to take another approach: Instead of offering "typically German food", we would adapt a German flair to food that people love to eat here."

Stefan adds: "We also consciously decided to go the current Volkswagen marketing route, who sell their cars worldwide as "Das Auto", as we chose "Das Food Truck" instead of the grammatically correct "Der Food Truck" in German. It enabled us to position our identity right away."

Why Bavaria? "It's what people associate most with Germany: Beer and Oktoberfest." As a matter of fact, the "Bavarian gravy" over their poutine is an uncommon and yet savoury onion and beer sauce - lighter than the original gravy. Prince Edward Island fries are aged 15 months, which enhances their potato taste, and you can chose your poutine with or without meat: Crusty Schnitzel or tasty Bratwurst from Frick's, the famous Swiss butcher in the Eastern Townships all German-speaking Montrealers know and love. Also on the menu: Hot fondue sandwiches and fried Oreos... and much more!

Since January 2014, Das Food Truck is an official member of ARRQ (Quebec street food association).

Website: www.dasfoodtruck.com

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