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The devil in the Munich cathedral

The Frauenkirche's « Teufelstritt » (picture www.wikipedia.org)

The Munich cathedral Of Our Dear Lady (Frauenkirche), one of the city's symbols with its well-known rounded twin towers, welcomes visitors with something quite unique: a footprint of the devil. The so-called Devil’s print or "black print" (Teufelstritt) is a footprint with a spur on the heel at the entrance of the church.

The legend has it that architect Jörg von Halsbach, who erected the cathedral in only 20 years, had made a pact with the devil to finish the construction quicker. As a reward the devil should get the souls of the first people to enter the church. 

But when the devil himself entered the church upon completion in 1488, von Halsbach blamed him for his bad advice, as the cathedral had no windows -- and refused "payment".  As matter of fact, the devil stood on the one spot where you cannot see the cathedral’s windows. Outraged, Satan stamped his foot… and left his print.

To this day, the winds blowing steadily around the Frauenkirche are said to be blown by the devil himself…