Munich one of Europe’s most creative cities, study finds – putting it into direct competition to cities such as Paris, Barcelona and London


© Rudolf Sterflinger

Munich is one of Europe’s top 10 cities in the culture and creative industry, according to a study currently conducted by the Cologne Office for Culture Industries Research which will officially be released in May 2012. In this study, ordered by the Munich metropolitan region, the institute researches the activities of various European cities in important sectors of the industry, such as architecture, design, media, advertisement, computer games and software as well as film, publishing, music, visual and performing arts.

With more than 125.000 people working in the creative industry, the Munich metropolitan area ranks 8th as compared to other European cities and thereby outranks other German cities such as Cologne (16), Berlin (19) and Hamburg (35). This puts Munich into direct competition with cities such as Paris, Barcelona or London who rank highest in this list. Among the cities counted as part of the Munich metropolitan area are Augsburg, Kaufbeuren, Landshut, Ingolstadt and Rosenheim as well as 21 further districts.

Michael Söndermann, director of the Cologne Office, is surprised about this result: “The Munich metropolitan area is one of the strongest regions of the culture and creative industry sector, but no one knew it until now.” While in Germany the average of companies based in the creative sector is about 7,6%, it is more than 11% in the Munich metropolitan area. Moreover, the creative sector has the highest growth rate in terms of the number of employees.

However, Munich is still seen as a center of industry and high-quality cars production. Söndermann sees the Munich metropolitan area as one of the “most dynamic regions” in Europe, however, it will have to emphasize this new aspect in order to keep up with European competition.

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