Intern from Quebec at Bavaria Film, Joëlle Hébert, receives award for outstanding professional development


Joëlle Hébert -

Since 2012, MedienCampus Bayern, the association of film, media and gaming education institutions in Bavaria, conducts the bilateral exchange program with Québec, alongside its Montreal partner, LOJIQ. Thanks to this program, in 2012 director Joëlle Hébert was able to complete a 3-month internship at Bavaria Film GmbH, a partner organization of MedienCampus Bayern. Among other assignments, Ms. Hébert worked on the "Rosenheim Cops" set, and helped with the post-production of "Ludwig".

"It was an incredible experience, I learned a lot", says the young director about her stay in Bavaria. Thanks to intensive German courses and outstanding personal initiative, she was able to secure a 4-month job as Coordinator at the FilmFest München, Germany's biggest film festival after the Berlinale, right after her internship.

Each year, LOJIQ hands out awards to former participants who, through their internship abroad, could give their career a tremendous push forward. Joëlle Hébert won the prize in the "Professional Development" category this year.

MedienCampus Bayern will continue its bilateral exchange program next year. Application deadline is April 30, 2014.

LOJIQ financially supports more than 5,700 young professionals each year, who, be it for their personal or professional development, are seeking an international experience.