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Quebec is Canada's largest province, with an area more than 4 times that of Germany, and 7.9 million residents concentrated mainly around the St. Lawrence River. The Greater Montreal Area contains half of the entire province's population. Montreal is the second-largest francophone city in the world after Paris.

GDP per capita in Quebec amounted to 36,946$ in 2015 and the unemployment rate was 6.6% in December 2016. Similarly to Bavaria, a formerly mainly agricultural region, Quebec has developed a high-tech, knowledge-based economy over the past 40 years. McGill University in Montreal ranks among the 10 best worldwide. Quebec traditionally has a slight trade deficit, including with Germany.


The second-largest country in the world (9.98 sq. km), Canada has a population of some 35.8 million. GDP per capita in Canada amounted to 44,379$ in 2015 and the unemployment was 6.9% in December 2016: those statistics help make Canada's economy one of the strongest worldwide. The 2008-2009 financial downturn only slightly struck Canada, when compared to other countries, since its banking system is internationally renowned to be among the soundest. Imports mainly feature machines and parts, industrial materials and vehicles and automotive parts. Germany is the 5th largest exporter to Canada, and the 8th largest investor in Canada.

For Bavarian companies

The State of Bavaria Montreal Office is the preferred point of contact for Bavarian companies; it informs and assists in market development.

  • Organisation of economic, scientific and technological delegations exploring the Quebec and Canadian market
  • Individual support for Bavarian companies
  • Open the right doors for Bavarian businesspeople
  • Monitoring invitations to public tenders which would be of interest to Bavarian companies (upon request)
  • Organisation of information conferences or seminars in selected industrial sectors.

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