Key Sectors
Bavaria's Cluster Initiative

Bavaria is one of the world's major investment centres. This is explained by companies' desire to work with Bavaria’s high-tech sectors, but also by the strong support these sectors get from the Bavarian government.

One of the main vehicles of this support is the Bavarian Alliance for Innovation, which implements a technological development strategy with two pillars:
The first pillar is the creation of industry clusters in 19 key sectors of the Bavarian economy. Each of these clusters is designed to strengthen regional cooperation networks between Bavarian companies, higher education institutions, research and development facilities, and providers of specialized services and financial support.
The second pillar consists of establishing trans-sectoral networks in each Bavarian region, to develop the synergy needed to realize the technological potential of each region.
This cooperation fosters a technological transfer between the research and development centres and the companies, whether those companies are multinational corporations or SMEs.
Bavarian Clusters

*Automotive engineering
*Railway technologies
*Satellite navigation
*Medical engineering
*Energy technology
*Environmental technology
*Food and food processing industry
Services & Media
*Financial services
Materials Engineering
*Materials engineering
*Chemical industry
IT & Electronics
*Information and communication technologies
*High-tech electronics
*Mecatronics and automation

For more details please visit  or contact the State of Bavaria’s Montreal Office.