Key Sectors

In Bavaria

With over 105,000 people working in some 450 companies, Bavaria is a major hub for manufacturing industrial facilities related to electricity production and distribution, both nationally and internationally. Bavaria’s energy sector is dominated by the production of electricity distribution and control infrastructures. The second most important sector is the production of motors, generators and transformers. Production and consumption of renewable energies are widespread in Bavaria: wind energy, geothermal energy, but above all solar energy. Bavaria already produces about half of Germany’s solar power. Bavarian companies specialized in silicon and solar cells are world leaders in their field.
The most important energy producers in Bavaria are Siemens Power Generation, MTU, Alstom Power Energy, Areva NP, Linde and Kraftanlagen München.


In Quebec

Quebec's territory contains 3% of the world’s fresh water resources, and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in hydroelectric power generation. The State-owned company Hydro-Québec is the world's largest producer of hydroelectricity and the main power supplier in Canada. Energy production and consumption are key components of the Quebec economy since costs are relatively low. Over 90% of energy needs are met by hydroelectricity. In its 58 hydropower stations, its single nuclear power plant, its four thermal power stations and its single wind park, Hydro-Québec produces 165 TWh of electricity per year.
Quebec's power supply infrastructures generate about 4,300 MW and still has unused potential estimated at 4,500 MW. Recent and upcoming developments – supported by government – focus on increasing energy efficiency, particularly in industry (programs led by the Agency for Energy Efficiency), developing non-fossil energy, renewing the distribution network, and expanding that network toward the U.S. and Ontario.
Quebec's big players: Rio Tinto Alcan (largest private producer and industrial consumer of hydroelectricity in the province), CANMET, Hydro-Québec, SNC Lavalin, Biothermica, Boralex, Brookfield Renewable Power, Innergex, Voith Hydro.
For further information: Hydro-Québec


In Alberta

Alberta is Canada's largest producer of oil and natural gas, with annual investments of several billion dollars in oil extraction infrastructures. The sector is also supported by the provincial and federal governments. The energy industry accounts for one quarter of Alberta's GDP, 70% of its exports and 35% of the provincial government's revenues. With 275,000 jobs (direct and indirect) generated by this sector, the Alberta government invests up to CA$30 million annually on research and development in both energy and environmental technologies. There are tremendous business opportunities for Bavarian companies, particularly in the fields of machinery, equipment production, environmental protection technologies, development of industrial processes and nanotechnology.
Albertan oil reserves are estimated to be the second-largest after Saudi Arabia's, but extraction conditions are among the most difficult in the world. The big players in Alberta are Encana Corporation, Canadian Natural Resources, Husky Energy Inc., Cenovus Energy, Talisman Energy Inc., Enbridge Inc., Bantrel Co., Syncrude Canada Ltd. and Suncor Energy Inc.

For further information: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers,