Invest in Bavaria

With a GDP of 567.9 billion euros in 2016, Bavaria is one of the economic power houses of the European Union. As the largest German Land and the region with the strongest growth rate in Germany: 33, 5% (from 1995-2010), Bavaria prides itself on a GDP per capita of 42,950 Euros in 2016. Annually, 3.1% of the GDP is invested into R&D, and over one quarter of all patent claims in Germany originate in Bavaria.

Munich, the Bavarian capital, plays the economic leading role of its Land: it’s the first choice for insurance head offices in Germany (31% market share); second-largest financial centre in Germany, first choice for mortgage bank headquarters in Europe; third-largest stock exchange after Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The Munich airport benefits from being at the geographical heart of Europe; it sees over 3,000 continental flights and over 240 intercontinental flights a week.

The French-language economics programme 'Classe économique' (Radio-Canada) aired a radio report about the Bavarian model on April 20, 2012.
(slide the cursor directly to 10'31" - in French only)

Approximately 11,000 foreign compagnies or subsidiaries thereof are located in Bavaria, originating from more than 110 countries. In collaboration with Invest in Bavaria, the State of Bavaria Montreal Office assists potential investors wanting to settle in Bavaria.

The Office helps in preparing a program, organizing meetings with local authorities, professional organizations and chambers of commerce, as well as contacting partner companies and potential sponsors in Bavaria.

The State of Bavaria Office also offers support to Canadian companies wanting to develop strategic alliances and industrial collaborations in Bavaria.

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