Return-to-Bavaria Program

Returntobavaria LogoSince October 1, 2012, Munich is home to the new office of the Bavarian initiative "Return-to-Bavaria", a dedicated place for German workers from all over the world wishing to move to Bavaria. An experienced and competend team of specialized consultants provides active support to those whose future plans involve going back to Bavaria.

The initiative "Return to Bavaria" was creted in 2012 by the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Martin Zeil. The program's promoter is the Ministery of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and its goal is to bring back emigrated German skills from abroad.

"Return to Bavaria" is aimed at degree-holding Germans from all branches and sectors, who live and work abroad, and are interested in moving back to Bavaria. The program offers them total and tailor-made support, innovative events as well as a close-knit network with the Bavarian economy and Bavarian research institutions.

Those interested are advised to provide the free Return-to-Bavaria database with personal information: This way, they will enable the office's team to offer the best support possible. Services include career counselling and coaching, support with job search, international moving et. al., as well as participation in exclusive events, among which the "Return-to-Bavaria conference" taking place every April in Munich.

Some of these exclusive events are taking place abroad: A one-day "Return-to-Bavaria symposium" will be held each year - Switzerland and Austria are to be the first host countries in 2013, followed by Canada and the U.S. in 2014.


Return to Bavaria Office
Mrs. Kerstin Dübner-Gee

Marienplatz 2
80331 München
T +49 (0)89 260 1059-10
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