Study in Alberta

University cooperation

Cooperation between Bavarian and Albertan universities is only beginning, but some of them offer courses that include a semester in the partner institution. LMU in Munich and U of A in Edmonton have maintained an active cooperation for several years.
In January 2008, a Bavarian Researchers Mobility Program was launched, followed by the “LMU – U of A Internship” program. The latter targets full-time U of A students with a good mastery of the German language, and offers 5 scholarships annually. The program matches registered students with an internship in Germany, while requiring them to be registered for a course at the U of A simultaneously.
University exchanges are also possible outside existing programs. The website of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada displays information about Canadian universities, who are always very interested in welcoming Bavarian students.


The Canadian government offers “international scholarships” to Canadian and foreign students: more details at and French).
Trips abroad and internships as part of one's studies may be eligible for scholarships offered by DAAD (Deutscher akademischer Austauschdienst – German Academic Exchanges Service). The website offers undergraduate and graduate students information about available scholarships, as well as a vast database of international studies.