Research and Technology
Current Scientific Cooperation


Bavaria-Quebec cooperation has been thriving for over 20 years, based on the agreement signed in 1989, which institutionalized the development of such cooperation.

In 2010, over 20 projects benefited from the province’s support, both in financial and logistical matters. The fields of cooperation are discussed once every 2 years at bilateral meetings, and the following themes are among the most notable:


Most current cooperation projects put economic and scientific aspects under one umbrella, with participation of companies. This link will be reinforced in the near future with the “Innovation Vouchers” exchange program.

Current projects

  • ICT
-        Artificial intelligence (U of A and TUM)
-        Data Mining (U of A and LMU)
-        Automated Linguistics (U of A and LMU)
  • Nanotechnology (TUM and NINT Alberta)
  • Geology (LMU and U of A)
  • Climate change, water supply and management (LMU and U of A): this project is also linked to a similar one as part of Bavaria-Quebec scientific cooperation (Ouranos)


  • Exchange of “Innovation Vouchers” to foster technological innovation. The first Voucher was awarded by Bavaria in 2010.
  • Discussions about intensifying student exchanges and training the next generation of researchers (looking for innovative models involving universities and academies as well as private companies)
  • Participation of Alberta alongside Quebec in IFAT in Munich, September 2010 (water, wastewater, waste and raw material management)
  • Project on food related terrorism within the NATO research program (under development)

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