Research and Technology

Bavaria-Quebec, neuroscience and aging

This particular cooperation focus was launched in May 2008 as a crowning achievement of several months of networking efforts by researchers from both regions. It is intended as a knowledge exchange platform for all topics related to the diagnosis and treatment of neuro-cognitive disorders in patients affected by dementia, and additionally, as an exchange platform regarding working methods. Participants particularly aim to jointly develop working and diagnostic tools, ranging from neuropsychological tests to medical imaging processes.

The first “Bavaria-Quebec Workshop in Neuroscience and Aging” was held in Bavaria in 2008, where researchers, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows discuss issues of dementia and language. The Second Workshop was held in Montreal in June 2009 on the issue of cognitive plasticity.

Scientists, graduate students and university professors gather to meet their counterparts in the partner region, attend presentations and take part in round tables in order to highlight common research paths for the years ahead. A wider objective is to prepare a shared research and fund-raising strategy within the Seventh Outline Framework Program of the European Union. The first European project was launched on May 1st, 2010, bearing the name EMINA.

Bavaria-Alberta: "Innovation Vouchers"

In order to support small and medium-size companies in their research activities and technology acquisitions, the Bavarian government introduced in June 2009 the “Innovation Vouchers for Small Businesses / Self-Employed Entrepreneurs”. With an annual budget of 2 million Euros, the program fosters the design, development and marketing of new products and services. Companies may also take advantage of the program by obtaining support from international research and technology markets. The program is based on reciprocity, given that the Alberta government cooperates in its management. Companies and research institutes from both regions thus benefit from knowledge and technology transfers.

The Munich SMC Language Tools GmbH was the first to be awarded an “Innovation Voucher” in June 2009, which was to be used for cooperating with the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning (AICML) in Edmonton.

To date, Bavarian and Albertan scientists are already working together on many common research projects. Other cooperation requests from both regions have been submitted to the Bayerische Forschungsallianz GmbH, a not-for-profit organization promoting Bavaria as a research and innovation hub.