The Dragon in Furth im Wald

This if one of the world’s biggest robots, fitted with latest technology and surrounded by amazing special effects. 

A huge dragon is interwoven with a more than 500 years old tradition in Furth im Wald, close to the Bavarian-Czech border. Every year during August, the Dragon is being slain in remembrance of St George’s sacrifice. The Further Drachenstich festival was already mentioned in 1590 as an old tradition – which makes this festival one of Germany’s most ancient ones.  

In 2010, under coordination of Zollner Elektronik AG, more than 20 companies and institutes came together to build a brand new robot – from special effects specialists from Hollywood to high-tech mecatronic and steel work companies, not to mention AUDI and the DLR (German Center for Aeronautics). They put their efforts together to build the high-tech monster. 

Nicknamed “Fanny”, the world’s biggest, 4-legged walking robot entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014:  it is 50.8 ft long, 12.5 ft wide, 14.8 ft high, spans its wings over more than 39 ft and weighs more than 24,000 lbs. 

Drachenstich Festspiele