The White Sausage (Weißwurst)

There is hardly any other culinary specialty that is closer associated with Bavaria than the “Weißwurst” (literally “white sausage”). It is equally surrounded by myths (do not dare to eat it with cutlery, suck the inside instead (a technique called “zuzeln”) and legends (a white sausage should never hear a church ring noon). 

Above all, the “Weißwurst” is the basis for a beloved and quick way to allegedly differentiate geographically South Germans (Bavarians) from the rest of Germany: the so-called Weißwurst-Equator.  

The veal sausage will be the most prominent guest at a typical Munich “Brotzeit”, a second breakfast taken around 11 a.m. It is made from pork and veal meat, with finely chopped onions, parsley and lemon juice. It is always served in a blazing hot terrine because a lukewarm “Weißwurst” is not as tasty as a hot one. Accompaniments include sweet mustard, a salty Pretzel and a delicious white beer.